Teach a little pony baby how to walk

Downloading the game takes time, if you see a blank page, just wait or reload the page.

Game control: The hind legs of a pony are controlled by keys «Q» and «W», and the forelegs — «O» and «P». Press «R» to try again.

The pony Twilight Sparkle had been in a different dimension and just returned home. There, she turned from a pony into a schoolgirl, found her stolen crown and helped the locals to restore justice. Once in a new world, Twilight Sparkle found it difficult to walk on two legs, but Spike taught her how to do this. Having returned home Twilight Sparkle understood, that she has forgotten how to walk on four paws. Your task in the game is to help the pony to learn how to walk on the ground using four paws. And it will not be easy!