Pony: Villains from the Dream Valley

Downloading the game takes time, if you see a blank page, just wait or reload the page.

Game control: keys on the keyboard: «W» — for pony jump up, «S» — to enter the closed door, «D» and «A» — to move forward and back, space — for kicks.

The main character, the unicorn pony Twilight Sparkle has to pass an exam for the knowledge of the territory of the village of Ponyville and the ability to enter the buildings without opening the door. Tomorrow Princess Celestia will invite Twilight Sparkle to her castle to check pony skills. Twilight Sparkle has to overcome the entire territory of Ponyville and see if there are villains in the houses or in the street. Help her to cope with such a serious task, because it’s not too easy to recognize the ill-wishers.