Pony race with hurdles

Downloading the game takes time, if you see a blank page, just wait or reload the page.

Game control: The pony is controlled by the mouse, and hold down the left mouse button to jump.

The ponies are fighting for the right to be the queen of pony racing this year. Among them are three beautiful pretenders to be the winner: Cutie, Beauty, Charming. At the beginning of the game you can choose which one you would like to play. After the start, the pony will run through the road full of obstacles, while the obstacles are of different heights and difficulty level. To successfully cope with the task, hold the pony with computer mouse on the left or in the middle of the screen — only then Pony will have time to prepare for the jump and successfully overcome the obstacle. Each encounter with an obstacle will lead to a fall and will hurt the cutie. After three falls, the pony comes down from the distance, and you have to start the game again.